Ordained – The new album

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The name of our 2:nd album will be Ordained, it will include 11-12 new songs and it will be released on LP and CD by Doomentia Records this autumn, probably September. Ordained will be proceeded by a limited edition (300 copies) 7″ featuring a song from the album and 2 exclusive tracks.

Since last update we have put down the bass and vocal tracks on the first session (6 songs for Ordained and 1 for the 7″) and on April 6:th we headed down to Is Charged to record 2 songs with a different orchestration. Present apart from us were Magnus Stjernberg (nyckelharpa & cittern), David Hallberg (piano) and Helene Landahl (flute) and the stuff they recorded were amazing. We would like to point out that we have NOT started to play folk/pagan metal or whatever, on the contrary Ordained is probably the heaviest and fastest record we have ever recorded.

The last 4 songs will be recorded May 24-25:th with bass and vocals done a little later. The mixing and mastering will be handled by Lawrence Mackrory in Maskinrummet in June.
That’s about it for now. Oh, one last thing; the album cover will be truly spectacular! Just wait and see.

New album in the works

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We have started the recording of our 2:nd album. This weekend we went into Studio Is Charged with Erik Sundström and did the drums and all guitars for 7 songs. Bass and vocals will be done shortly. Our idea for this album was to split the recording into two sessions, thus giving us time to concentrate on fewer songs at the time. The next recording will include 5 songs and when that is finished we will mix all the songs at the same time, just like you would have done with a “normal” recording. We will most probably mix and master it in Maskinrummet with Lawrence Mackrory again.
We had planned to use Saturday and Sunday 1-2:nd of March for the drums but it all went so smoothly so by Saturday all the drums were done and we also had time record one of the songs we had saved for the 2:nd session. Then we had all Sunday to record guitar and it only took about 7 hours from start to finish.
That’s about all we can tell about the album at the moment, we haven’t decided a title or even which label that will release it but as soon as we know we”l let you know as well. What we do know is that we have a world class artist lined up to do the album cover! The man in question is Ola Larsson (Disma, etc) and we are of course thrilled and thankful that he wants to work with us.
The songs on the new album are more complex and progressive than our previous efforts but still very heavy and primitive. To put it another way; it just sounds more Usurpress than before. We are all very excited about it.

Example of Mr Larsson’s art.


Czech mate!

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The Usurpress/Bent Sea mini album will be out in the end of this month. We’re writing new material and hopefully we will record the first half, 6 songs, of the next album in Jan 2014. Meanwhile, check out some photos from our trip to Obscene Extreme Festival in July.

Blood, Guts and Beer in Prague.

Steffe and the wall of crust.

After the gig in Prague.

Deal’s going down in our decrepit merch shack at OEF.

In the shadow of the horns.

Grind currency at OEF, good for beer.

This is what OEF looks like. The stage anyway.

Food for thoughts. Daniel contemplating the grind life.

View from our hotel. The guys on mountain bikes are Ola and Fenok from Massgrav.

The backstage bar at OEF.

Shane (Bent Sea) and Calle after the Napalm Death gig.

This what OEF is all about!

Random updates

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Summer is almost over, we had a blast at the great Obscene Extreme Festival in July, wish I could write some more about it but I haven’t recieved any pictures from it from Calle or Påhl. Anyway, I want to write a bit about what Usurpress is up to at the moment. The split-10″ with Bent Sea is still not out, however Dirk informed me today that their layout is “90% done and the vinyl master is on its way. I’ll hurry and get this to you a.s.a.p.” so hopefully it’s on it’s way. Really looking forward to this release since the Bent Sea-songs are really great and our stuff is by far the best we’ve ever done, I think a lot of eye brows will be raised when people hear it. Right now we have no gigs planned and we’re in the process of writing new material for our next release which will be another full lenght album. So far we have about 4 songs completed and they sound the way we want Usurpress to sound. Hopefully the album will be recorded in spring 2014.

We have also participated in some other projects since I wrote here last time and I thought I should tell you a bit about them as well. Steffe did a re-union/farwell gig with his old band Diskonto in August at Motala Hardcore Festival toghter with Madball, Municipal Waste, etc. It was a crazy and wonderful weekend.

Steffe live with Diskonto in Motala.

The same weekend that Steffe (and Calle) spent in Motala, Påhl and his brother Erik recorded 20 songs with their death/goregrind-project Regurgitated Innards, some of the songs will most probably be released as a 7″ on a German label. Check out this wierd band on:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Regurgitated-Innards/439202826194378?fref=ts

Detail from the cover of Regurgitated Innards upcoming EP, artwork by Påhl himself.

Danne, finally, have recorded 2 new songs in Studio Erebus Odora with his other band, hard rockers Iron Lamb. If this recording will be released is yet not decided. He has also, very temporary, reformed his old prog band Turabus for an exclusive gig on the Melloboat Festival which takes place on a ferry across the Baltic Sea. More info about it here: http://www.melloboat.se/en/

Turabus outside Usurpress‘ rehearse place, August 2013.


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Usurpress will play alongside legends Master and the excellent Entrapment (NL) at the D12 Club in Uppsala Thursday 6:th of June. Should be fun.
More info here: http://www.facebook.com/events/399271573520712/

The Master himself – Paul Speckmann!

Thirst for Grind

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Usurpress are booked to the Obscene Extreme Pre-Party “Thirst for Grind Vol. VI” in Prague on Wednesday 3:rd of July. Some other bands confirmed are Entrails Massacre, Jesus Ain’t In Poland, Ratbomb, etc. Should be great! More info here: http://www.facebook.com/events/439000956176683/
See you in Czech!

A Tidal Wave of Fire over Italy, April 2013

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Day I, Friday:
Woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go to the airport, had our first beer at 05:15. Arrived at the Ateneo Squat in Dragoncello outside Rome at about noon. Drank beer for a couple of hour, slept for a few hours. When we woke up we decided to stay in our dressing room/bed room because there were less annoying chickens and ducks there. When the power was on and the bar opened we headed to the actual venue. There was quite a lot of people there already and from what we could make out of the sound check the sound was good too.
We played 3:rd out of 5 bands and it was a really good slot, lots of people and some action in the pit. Good show, not much more to tell.
Afterwards we hung out til quite late, talking to people and such. Great start of the tour!

At Arlanda airport.


Relaxing backstage.

Italian design.

Before the gig.

Day II, Saturday:
Off to the main reason why we went to Italy in the first place, Into the Void Fest in Bologna. Pretty uneventful and not too long drive, except for the fact that Cedro, our driver, was the proud owner of the crappiest GPS in the Western world. Anyway, we ended up at the venue, Freakout Club, without too many problems. Freakout is probably THE rockclub in Bologna, lots of quite big bands are playing there. We started to drink complementary vodkas immediately and Danne did an interview for some metal magazine while we sat up the distro and met some familiar faces from the last tour. Everybody was in a good mood.
Time to play, lots of people – Great! We played one song then the bass amp stopped working. Got it fixed, played one song then the bass and guitar amps stopped working. Got it fixed, played one song then the strap of the bass stopped working. Got it fixed, Calle started to play the song totally wrong, probably stressed out of his life. Not a good way to start the gig. The rest of the gig went smooth but we thought people would think we sucked because of all the technical breakdowns so we hid in the distro.
It turned out that the Italians couldn’t care less about the amp situation, lots of people said we were good so in the end even Steffe was in an ok mood again. We left Freakout very late since the girl we were supposed to sleep at, Jex from Saturnine/Children of Technology, had lost her keys in a drunken haze. We didn’t mind one bit though, it was fun to hang out with all the Bologna people all night.

Black Uniforms (Italy).

Interview with Danne.

Into the Morbid Black.

Påhl browsing the Agi-Punk distro.

Saturnine setting up gear in Freakout.

Day III, Sunday:
Woke up extremely late and headed directly to Jesi for the last gig. Nobody in Bologna had ever heard about Jesi and more than one promply said “That place does not excist in Italy!” so we were a bit nervous that absolutely nobody would show up. We were wrong, when it was time for us to play it must have been 120 people there, not bad for a Sunday. The gig went without problems and after the last band we went to another club to watch some grind band. They had however aready played when we arrived so we went back to our gig place and socialized untill bed time. The morning after we went home. End of story.  All in all, 3 very entertaining days and despite the amps in Bologna we did 3 good gigs. You can’t really ask for more, can you?

The morning after in Bologna.

Library at the gig place in Jesi.

Steffe keeps the banner high.

So does Danne.


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