Ordained out now!

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Yes, the digipack-CD is out now (vinyl coming later), order it from Doomentia or us, it’s 12 Euro (or, from us, 100 SEK). All our shirts are sold out now, but we will very soon print new ones. Watch this space! DOOM145CD1_pic_600x600 This is what you want, this is what you get!

Two new songs from Ordained

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Yes, for those of you who have missed it, we have had two songs from Ordained up for grabs. On August 20:th No Clean Singing premiered “Storming the Mausoleum”. Listen to it here.
And just now, September 2:nd, we put out “Fan the Flames of Madness” on youtube, check it out!

Feel free to share these songs with your loved ones.

Play Fast or Don’t 2014

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Some pix of us stolen from http://www.czechcore.cz/

Play Danne

Play Calle

Play Påhl

Play Steffe


Random news

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We’re back from Czech now, thanks to everybody involved in Play Fast or Don’t Festival, warm-up party and after party included! We had a great time and played with a lot of awesome bands.
Right now we’re in the process of organizing a couple of gigs on Swedish soil, more about that later. Everything is looking good so far and the line-up for these gigs looks great.

Ordained and Storming the Mausoleum 7″ are both mastered and sent to Doomentia. We’re (well, Påhl actually) doing the final touches on the Ordained-layout rigth now, should be ready for shipping next week. Meanwhile, check out one of many cool photos that Lena Vincent Hjärner took of us some weeks ago.

Lena bandbild
Left to right: Daniel, Steffe, Calle, Påhl.

Cover and songs for Ordained

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So, the recording of Ordained is finished. Erik Sundström will spend some time editing some of the tracks before handing them over to Lawrence Mackrory who will mix and master the entire album starting on June the 9:th. Ordained features guest appearances by Magnus Stjernberg (who also have co-written two of the songs) on nyckelharpa and cittern, Helene Landahl on flute and David Hallberg on piano. Apart from our own brand new songs, we have also recorded an adaptation of a piece by Swedish composer Bo Hansson (1943-2010).
This is by far the most ambitious recording we have made; we have developed our style quite a bit and incorporated elements from other types of music, not just death and crust. However, it’s also the fastest and heaviest recording we have ever made. The full track listing is:

The Heart of the Last Kingdom
Storming the Mausoleum
The Undeification
Fire in the Minds of Men
Insignia of Illumination
Ritual Warfare
The Eyeless Spectator
Fan the Flames of Madness
Lóthlorien – Bo Hansson
Deny Salvation (Wolf-Like Dogs)
Embracing the Vultures
As the Monolith Comes Alive

Before the album is out we will release a 7” (ltd ed, 300x) featuring one of the songs from the album and two exclusive tracks, these are:

The Insatiable Sky
Unleash the Serfs

We can also reveal Ola Larsson’s brilliant and haunting album cover for the first time. Check it out, great isn’t it?

Ordained – The new album

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The name of our 2:nd album will be Ordained, it will include 11-12 new songs and it will be released on LP and CD by Doomentia Records this autumn, probably September. Ordained will be proceeded by a limited edition (300 copies) 7″ featuring a song from the album and 2 exclusive tracks.

Since last update we have put down the bass and vocal tracks on the first session (6 songs for Ordained and 1 for the 7″) and on April 6:th we headed down to Is Charged to record 2 songs with a different orchestration. Present apart from us were Magnus Stjernberg (nyckelharpa & cittern), David Hallberg (piano) and Helene Landahl (flute) and the stuff they recorded were amazing. We would like to point out that we have NOT started to play folk/pagan metal or whatever, on the contrary Ordained is probably the heaviest and fastest record we have ever recorded.

The last 4 songs will be recorded May 24-25:th with bass and vocals done a little later. The mixing and mastering will be handled by Lawrence Mackrory in Maskinrummet in June.
That’s about it for now. Oh, one last thing; the album cover will be truly spectacular! Just wait and see.

New album in the works

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We have started the recording of our 2:nd album. This weekend we went into Studio Is Charged with Erik Sundström and did the drums and all guitars for 7 songs. Bass and vocals will be done shortly. Our idea for this album was to split the recording into two sessions, thus giving us time to concentrate on fewer songs at the time. The next recording will include 5 songs and when that is finished we will mix all the songs at the same time, just like you would have done with a “normal” recording. We will most probably mix and master it in Maskinrummet with Lawrence Mackrory again.
We had planned to use Saturday and Sunday 1-2:nd of March for the drums but it all went so smoothly so by Saturday all the drums were done and we also had time record one of the songs we had saved for the 2:nd session. Then we had all Sunday to record guitar and it only took about 7 hours from start to finish.
That’s about all we can tell about the album at the moment, we haven’t decided a title or even which label that will release it but as soon as we know we”l let you know as well. What we do know is that we have a world class artist lined up to do the album cover! The man in question is Ola Larsson (Disma, etc) and we are of course thrilled and thankful that he wants to work with us.
The songs on the new album are more complex and progressive than our previous efforts but still very heavy and primitive. To put it another way; it just sounds more Usurpress than before. We are all very excited about it.

Example of Mr Larsson’s art.



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